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Development progress July 22

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. What about a video then?


Development progress

So I think I’ve made some progress with the Ryzom GUI Editor tool.

I’ll let the video I’ve recorded speak for itself!

Obviously right now all widgets are but empty shells, however at least the GUI is mostly done. Now it’s time to finish the GUI library and then add functionality too 🙂

Progress as of July 5

So again I haven’t had the time to post lately, but now I’ve decided to take the time.

So far I think I’m mostly done with refactoring and moving the widgets to the GUI library, so I can show a semi-final class diagram auto-generated with Visual Studio 2008, the IDE I use for C++ development on Windows platform.

( Obviously you will have to click the image and zoom in )

The other thing is, this week I’ve finally started to work on the actual GUI editor. So far I’ve just started to work on the GUI widget definition loading.
The widget definitions look something like this:

These definition XML files will then tell the GUI Editor, which widgets are available to it, and what properties they have! So that the editor can offer them, and the user can change the properties in the property browser widget.

However since the GUI library is not 100% done yet, for now I will only load these, and use a little widget I’ve created to see what the application has loaded.
You can see how it works here: