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Ryzom Core GUI Editor as of today

I’ve made two videos to show how the Ryzom GUI Editor works right at the moment.

The first video was basically meant as a features demo, to show all the currently available features of the editor.
It shows the following features, using the Ryzom Core login screen as an example:

  • Link editor
  • Process editor
  • Action editor
  • Project editor
  • GUI hierarchy traversal
  • Live preview of the GUI widget property changes

The second video shows some changes being made to the login screen, and then those changes saved into a new GUI XML file which is then loaded by the client.
Basically it is fairly simple. All one has to do is:

  • load a project into the editor,
  • make changes,
  • save them ( into a new XML file, if the project loads the old Ryzom XMLs, since those are made of sets of files, and the editor saves into a single file only ),
  • copy them into the client’s data/gamedev directory,
  • edit the client config so instead of the old XML set the new file is loaded
  • start up the client and see the results!

Enjoy! However please don’t forget that all this is only a little preview, a teaser even. There’s still a lot of work to be done, until the GUI Editor will be a fully functional tool!





So I’ve started to learn 3D programming with OpenGL. One of my first little programs is demonstrated here:

It’s a little demo that does the same as the dxdiag directdraw bouncing box used to be. Nothing special, just a GL_TRIANGLE_FAN primitive with 4 vertices, moving around. However I enjoyed coding it, so it’s a good start!

I’m learning from the book OpenGL Superbible 5th edition. So far it seems to be a very good read, it starts from the basics and builds up your knowledge. The code examples are also fairly simple: It comes with a small library called GLTools and also it uses GLEW and GLUT, to make work faster and more focused on visible results, instead of writing pages of platform dependent initializing code. I can only recommend it!

Once I am a bit more confident with OpenGL I plan on starting to use Qt to actually display stuff.