Ryzom GUI Editor as of March 2013

Hi there!
So as promised here’s a post about the latest features of the Ryzom GUI Editor! There are actually 2 new major features implemented. Let’s start with the one that I implemented first:

Editing GUI widget templates

This one is a convenience feature, since whatever you can do with it, can be done by directly editing the XML files provided for the GUI Editor.
Basically all it does is allows you to add/remove GUI widget templates, and add/remove the properties they have from inside the GUI Editor.
These are the templates that tell the GUI Editor what widgets there are in the GUI, and what properties they have. These are what tell the GUI Editor what to query and show in the
widget properties windows docked in the right.
Here’s a short video showing how it works:

Selecting and deleting widgets in the scene

This one is a lot more important feature! It shows your selection properly in the scene, and allows you to remove the widgets selected.
There isn’t much more to tell about this, since it’s role is so obvious. Let a video speak and show you how it works.



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