Ryzom Core Studio improvements

So I’ve done the following:

Renamed and moved out toolset which used to be called OVQT.
Now it’s called Ryzom Core Studio, and resides in it’s own directory ( studio ) in the main source code directory.

Implemented a general settings dialog that shows up on the first start of studio, so one can set the paths and whatnot that are needed for the various plugins to work.

Made plugins hot-load and unloadable so that they can be load/unloaded while studio is running ( obviously ).

I also improved the splash screen: Now it shows the startup progress with a progressbar and prints text messages as well.

Improved the GUI Editor’s usability by allowing various properties to be set using either a combobox ( the enum ones ), or a texture chooser, or a color picker instead of setting them as strings.

Added an UXT Editor widget to the Translation Manager plugin.
UXT files basically contain the translations to various GUI texts and messages. So it’s quite important!

Implemented the Tile Editor plugin: This plugin allows the creation of tilesets, which are used to paint land components.
Again quite important!

Implemented the form, DFN, and type editors for the Georges Editor plugin.
In short Georges is an XML database system created for Ryzom in the early 2000s. It contains data for the game.
It allows one to create custom types, organize the types into structure definitions ( DFN ) and put those structures into a form which can be filled in.
So this is really essential for Ryzom!

Created a node-based expression editor for the GUI Editor plugin. So that GUI expressions that GUI widgets depend on can be graphically created instead of typing.
Here’s an example for such an expression:

This was the initial GUI mockup of it:

This is how it looks implemented:



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