Broken youtube account

So I accidentally broke my youtube account some time ago: I deleted my Google+ account, and while the youtube account remained, I couldn’t upload anymore! ( Except for email uploads ).

I didn’t know what to do, so I wanted to create a new youtube account.
My first idea was to create a new youtube page and use the youtube channel of that.
Unfortunately that didn’t work!

So I ended up creating a new Google account, a new Google+ account for that account, and transfer the broken page to it, then transfer it back to the original account. That fixed it!
I read an article not long ago that Google is like the old Microsoft now. Regarding this one particular issue, it’s definitely true! I just had to power off and on again, and the problem went away! 😀

In my next post I will write about what was my first approach before I accidentally fixed the issue.


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