Youtube backup

Like I said in my earlier post, I had broken my youtube account.

My first idea of fixing the issue was starting a new channel, but since I have lots of playlists, I would have had to save them by hand and then create the playlists, and add the videos by hand. Which would have taken forever, and I’m also too lazy to do something so mind numbing,
Fortunately since then I’ve fixed the issue, so it’s no longer a problem, but I had the idea of writing software to automate this.
I’m proud to present YTBK – Youtube Backup, that does just this, automatically.
…or at least does it halfway, right now. You just enter the channel name and it pulls your playlists, and the contents of the playlists ( the URLs only, not the videos themselves ). It can also save these data to a text file.

Later I plan on making it capable of restoring the lists to a youtube account!

Here’s a video of it:

Also since I wrote it using the Qt framework, it’s cross platform, so it can be built on both Windows, Linux, Mac and other platforms as well.

Here’s a pic of it running in a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS VM ( click to enlarge picture )


You can try the Windows version if you’d like by downloading it from here:


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