KDevelop plugins, debug lessons learned

While working on kdev-valgrind, I learned some debug lessons about them, and kinda made up a smaller checklist for problems I’ve encountered.

Problem: plugin doesn’t load

  • Is the plugin installed to the right directory?
  • Is the plugin path set correctly? ( QT_PLUGIN_PATH )
  • Is the kdevelop version in the plugin manifest correct? ( .desktop file in KDE 4 style manifest )

Problem: when starting KDevelop KDE complains about missing .rc file for the plugin

  • Is the .rc file installed to the right directory? ( e.g.: /usr/share/kxmgui5/plugin/plugin.rc )
  • Is the .rc file named correctly and is it the same as set with setXMLFile in the plugin?
  • Is the .rc file named the same as the plugin’s name in IPlugin’s constructor?

Problem: plugin menu items don’t show up

  • Is the plugin loaded?
  • Check the possible problems in the section above



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