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KDevelop – Checker framework

Hi there!

So I got a slot for GSOC2015 to implement a “Checker framework” for KDevelop, therefore I have been and I will be working on it during the summer.

The project has 3 phases

  1. Create a framework that problem checker plugin developers can push issues into, so that they don’t have to create their own infrastructure for it (like models, views, toolviews for the views, etc)
  2. Update some of the already existing plugins to use this framework (kdev-krazy, kdev-cppcheck, kdev-valgrind)
  3. Implement 2 new checker tools using the framework (clang-check, pylint).

A little bottom-line explanation:

This framework will basically mean a common (obviously subclassable) model that can be used for storing problems, some infrastructure for holding such models, and views. The model will be a refactored, cleaned up version of the current ProblemModel that is used by the problem reporter plugin. The toolview of that plugin will also be cleaned up and refactored, and provide a better view for the model(s).

Up to now I’ve been already working on creating this framework.

  • Now it is a tabbed view, and the tabs show the number of problems in the currently shown view
  • I’ve also created a class that holds problem models, and those models automatically get a view in a tab in the problem toolview

I am now in the process of refactoring the ProblemModel.

Here are two screenshots comparing the “old” toolview with the “new” one:

20150327_000002297 20150531_000002772