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Installing uw-imapd on Ubuntu 14.04

Today I had to rescue an old server which was running Debian 3.0 Woody. Basically had to (or have to, since I’m still working on it) install a new server, and restore the users, and data, including mail. The easiest way to restore mail messages, mail folders, etc was to use the same IMAP server software, which is UW-Imapd. Unfortunately the latest LTS Ubuntu (14.04) doesn’t provide it, so I had to work around this problem.

It’s really not hard to do so, just had to take the following steps:

First of all, install dependencies

apt-get install inetutils-inetd libc-client2007e mlock

Then grab UW-Imapd from an earlier version of Ubuntu, from this page:


…and install it!

dpkg -i uw-imapd_2007e~dfsg-3.2ubuntu1_amd64.deb

Voilá! Now the mail can be read in the new system!