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Graphisoft meetup

Today I participated in a meetup with Graphisoft‘s technical lead at LOffice Budapest.

All in all it wasn’t that interesting. Mostly it was about their hiring practises and the personal interview experiences of the speaker. Their interview practises aren’t that different from other top tech companies, however they don’t have n+1 rounds of interviews, only one 1-1.5 hours long one, with 30 minutes of technical interview. Like other top tech companies they don’t look for coders, but creative, smart software engineers with a software architectural vein. According to the speaker in the technical part they give you a 1 page long code piece, which you have to read, understand, explain, and criticise. If you know what you are talking about, and they get the impression that you could work together, they will hire you.

Some interesting numbers:
Archicad has 17 MILLION lines of ( mostly ) C++ code.
In the past years they got about 2000 CVs, they interviewed 500 people, and hired 50.

Also on Windows they use Visual Studio, on OS X they use XCode with LLVM and LLDB. For version control they use Perforce.

Lastly,  the audience got some PR gifts: