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Remote debugging Tomcat7 servlets with Netbeans

At work we still use Tomcat 7 in production and I needed to set up debugging for various development systems. This article shows how to enable Tomcat 7 remote debugging

Enabling Tomcat 7 remote debugging via JDWP


I use Ubuntu 16.04 LTE so I’ll use that in the example, but other distros will not be that much different, except for the path and (re)starting the service of course.

  • Edit or create the file /usr/share/tomcat7/bin/ and put in the following content:

    export JAVA_OPTS=”-Xdebug \

    Note: Obviously if the file already exists and it already has some content, then just add the parameters instead of adding the entire line.

  • Restart Tomcat

    sudo service tomcat7 restart


  • Go to the Tomcat binary directory, which is by default

    c:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\bin

  • Start the program Tomcat7w.exe
  • Switch to the java tab and add the following lines to the Java options textbox:


    Note: It is important that each of the parameters should be added on separate lines, and that lines should have no whitespaces in the end!

  • Restarts Tomcat 7

    net stop tomcat7
    net start tomcat7

Attaching Netbeans debugger to Tomcat 7

Now that we have Tomcat running with the remote debugging on we can attach Netbeans to debug.

  • Click debug – attach debugger, a dialog box will appear
  • Select Java Debugger (JPDA) as the Debugger
  • Select SocketAttach as Connector
  • Fill in host / IP address to the host field
  • Fill in port to the Port field, in this example the port is 8787, but obviously it can be any non-taken port
  • Click OK
  • If everything went OK the debugging tab should show up showing the running threads

…and that’s it! Happy bug hunting!


Diagrams with

Right now I am writing up network / system design paper for school, and I desperately needed a diagram tool, that I can use on any platform, and it can create pretty network diagrams. Guess what I’ve found a really good one!

( NOTE: The picture is NOT my actual diagram, just a sketch )


Broken youtube account

So I accidentally broke my youtube account some time ago: I deleted my Google+ account, and while the youtube account remained, I couldn’t upload anymore! ( Except for email uploads ).

I didn’t know what to do, so I wanted to create a new youtube account.
My first idea was to create a new youtube page and use the youtube channel of that.
Unfortunately that didn’t work!

So I ended up creating a new Google account, a new Google+ account for that account, and transfer the broken page to it, then transfer it back to the original account. That fixed it!
I read an article not long ago that Google is like the old Microsoft now. Regarding this one particular issue, it’s definitely true! I just had to power off and on again, and the problem went away! 😀

In my next post I will write about what was my first approach before I accidentally fixed the issue.

Hello, world!

This is my very first ever blog post. When I get a little time more will follow!